Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fluke by chance

Art Prints
Being new to Bombay, we had a tough time looking for unique pieces of furniture and accessories while doing up our place, the same lampshades, the same cushion covers scrounging through racks and racks at the various Homestops, and Fabindias, and so I am delighted to stumble upon

cushion covers and bags

furniture- center and side tables

For long I have loved the Indian pop art, artists like Krsna Mehta, Manish Arora, Loose Ends and festivals like Kala Ghoda trying to revive familiar urban motifs to create a style that is colorful, contemporary, modern yet Indian. If you too are a fan of Indian kitsch, this is yet another place where you can shop for itsy bitsy curiosities, from t shirts and bags to art prints and furniture.

Makes for excellent gifts although it's a tad bit on the expensive side! But considering every piece is individually crafted and painted by hand, you can't really put a price to it. If you are in a
mood to splurge, add this to your weekend shop stops.