Friday, May 30, 2014

Discovering Cirali

Two hours from Antalya, this beautiful strip of beach called Cirali. Toasty and warm, we spent an entire week in Cirali and had a blast. It's amazingly reasonable compared to other touristy European destinations, still retaining it's 'small town charm' and emerald waters.

We stayed at the Oleander Pension, which worked to about 420 EU for 7 nights. We rented a boat for two days, for about 600 eu a day (split amongst 6 of us), including lunch- a fish feast, coffee and fruits. Happy beach hopping!

We are definitely running back to Cirali, any chance we get. Here are some photos.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Discovering the voice of trees

Found this on the web, and it's fascinating.

Bartholomaus Traubeck, a sound engineer and artist who had this genius idea to use the trunks of trees as a vinyl to play music.
Could this be the true music of nature? I want to believe it is, and if so.... this is hauntingly melodious, a beautiful amalgamation of nature and technology.

This is a piece from the project called 'Years', where he has used the trunks of different trees like Oak, Walnut and Beech.
I think this one is called 'Ash'.

Here's the Huffingtonpost Interview