Monday, February 25, 2013

A day in Dilli Haat

For everything you could ask for and more! Dilli haat is an all year round bazaar for the best art from all over India. Almost every state has a shop here, so get ready to experience a mini handicraft trial of India through the lanes in the haat. An additional treat - you also get to watch the artists at work!

Shop till you drop: Antique-finish home accents, leather puppets, tribal art, brass bells, Lucknowi kurtas, leather bags, pottery... and don't feel shy to bargain- start with half of what they ask for.

and then... we eat! It's hard to choose from over 50 food stalls with cuisines from every region of the country. I finally settled for rava dosa and masala chai at the organic food stall in a quiet green corner. Perfect winter outing.

an artist at work
 leather art from Andhra Pradesh
 pots and the potter

 someone's lost!
got this sweet elephant bed cover

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

kaleidoscope ceilings

The forts and havelis of Rajasthan. The opulence, decadence, the exquisitely carved furniture, the rich decadent tapestry, each room is all so overwhelming, but hold your breath and look up... And that will blow your mind. The Patwa nu haveli in Jaisalmer and the Mehrangarh fort in Jodhpur, are stunning examples of the ingenuity and the level of detailing of craftsmanship that produced some stunning ceiling art at the time.