Saturday, February 20, 2016

My Etsy Journey Part 3: Discovering Giclee

So it's been a great start to the weekend. I designed a fresh print for David Bowie, and I got an order the very next day from New York.

Happy Days :-)

The Giclee Prints look lovely, and that's anther discovery for me. I love Giclee. The light texture paper made of organic cotton rag. The archival inks that stay bright for years, unlike a digital prints which eventually fades over time.

And, for me it was the first time I actually got to 'sign' something. Actually I was instructed to :-)
It was a bit daunting. I was nervous, even googled on 'how to sign an art print'. Seriously didn't want to ruin a print with lousy handwriting. Practised it a hundred times with different pencils on all kinds of paper.

My Etsy experience has been pretty great so far. I will be sharing many more posts on my journey. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, here are some fresh Giclee prints.

David Bowie: The Tiger lives on...

Pink Floyd: A Bizarre collection of Curios

Saturday, February 13, 2016

My Etsy Journey Part 2: A Valentine special Art print of London's sweetheart - Amy Winehouse.

It's Valentines. It's a busy time on Etsy with everyone tagging 'Valentines gifts' or 'Gifts for her'. Jewellery, clothes, flowers, cupcakes, heart shaped cards...the whole shebang. 
I'm embracing Valentines in my own way, with my Valentine. My wonderful husband of six years. He is a brilliant writer and illustrator, and the guy who kicked my butt and pushed me to get on to Etsy. 

We made this print of Amy- the sweetheart of London. 

Those eyes....

Amy Winehouse. The Camden sweetheart we all fell in love with. Amy's voice continues to sing about love, heartbreak and such bitter sweet joys. Forever remembered.

So we watched the Amy documentary together the other day, it was a beautiful candid insight into her life. The swift rise to fame, and how it all began to unravel towards the end. Sad, sweet and scary unpredictable. Complicated, yet tender, her struggles around family, fame and addiction. It captures the very heart of what she was about, a true musical genius.

Limited edition Giclee Prints of Amy Winehouse 'Tears die on their own' now available on Eye for London Prints on Etsy