Thursday, August 19, 2010

Window Farms

One thing I really miss in my home in Bombay, is a balcony. I had two balconies in my home in Bangalore, and although I don't consider myself as much of a 'balcony person'- the types to spend hours sitting out there with a cup of tea and a book, it's just nice to have an opening, some golden sunlight, space for a few pots, pretty flowers and spots of green, maybe herbs.

For those who don't have a huge house or a backyard 'Jamie-at-home' style, I came across this interesting site the other day. Ge this- you can grow up to 25 fresh live vegetable plants—lettuce, herbs, snap peas, cherry tomatoes, peppers, kale, small squash, edible flowers, and many mor in a normal 4'x 6' window in your home.

Seems like a simple DIY project, where you share your space year-round with a vitamin rich living harvest and a lush trickling fountain-like curtain. And the best part- it looks beautiful! Homes, classrooms, restaurant, I can see it going very well with any kind of design aesthetic.