Monday, July 1, 2013

Monsoon weekend- Lonavala

When you think of Lonavala for a weekend getaway, you cant help but picture- crowd and more sweaty crowds, noise, hooligans, long traffic snarls, tourist buses, the typical sunset point, waterfalls and slush with ugly pot bellied men in shorts roaming uninhibited, and now there seems to be a wax museum with a billboard that says "Why go to Tussaud"?

Far from all the action, driving further into the clouds, you turn somewhere where the road winds, and take another turn somewhere else, through a narrow trail that seems to lead nowhere till you see a tiny gate. I'm quite glad that this place is well hidden.

We stayed in what's called the 'Heritage Machan', a fancy tree house with a large living- dining area and two bed rooms. It's ideal for a family. Covered in glass on three sides, the view is jaw-drop breath-taking. We looked at each other and pretty much thought the same thing- we are NOT getting out of here for the next couple of days.

But for those who are not so lazy and want to enjoy nature at her best in the monsoons... they have activities like nature walks, trails and treks and star gazing! The property is quite massive by itself.

the hanging room

The place is a bit pricey- 32,000 a night for the heritage machaan and 12,000 for a smaller tree house with one bed. Only breakfast included. Pets are allowed, and I wish I had taken Loki there. He would have loved the place and the weather.