Sunday, December 22, 2013

Comic Con Mumbai

First... THANK GOD the venue for the Comic Con is Goregaon this time, not godforsaken WTC at Cuffe Parade. No matter how interesting the event may be, traveling in Mumbai makes nothing worth the effort.
A bigger venue, meant larger crowds, and I was quite surprised by the turnout for a Saturday. A lot of enthusiasm when it came to the Cosplay events. So many kids in very well executed costumes and masks... I could actually spend a lot of time just looking around and trying to identify all the various characters. 

Two of Ram's works were launched in the Comic Con. The ongoing Aghori series- the finale, and a short story a part of a horror anthology by Pulpocracy. 

It's sad that increasingly the Comic Con in India is becoming more about stalls selling merchandise, knick knacks and t-shirts, and not so many Comics! A lot of publishers I had seen in the previous comic cons were totally missing this time, and in their place yet another 'quirky and kitsch'  (i'm beginning to hate those words) handbag or coffee mug stall. I don't want to go to a comic con for the t shirts and mugs, where are all you comic people?