Monday, April 28, 2014

Discovering Orcs Nest - Quest for the Unusual Games

London is brimming with pubs and restaurants and events, lots of things for couples to do, but heading out every other day is quite an expensive affair. What are the fun things we could do at home, that doesn't really burn a hole in the pocket?
Ram loves playing games. But games involving some amount of creativity and strategy as opposed to just luck. So I wanted to get an interesting game, board game or cards. But where? Argos?

London has a few 'specialist' game shops. One of them is the Orcs Nest, near Holborn. Walking into the place was quite intimidating to me, it looked like a shop for serious game geeks and I felt like a lost puppy. The nest is tiny, but full of stuff, stacks and rows of board games, cards, books and magazines. A wide selection of RPG, miniature and cards games. Dungeons and Dragons and a dozen in that league.

It was interesting to see that most games have a 'Cthulhu' version!  I was happy to find some that were more 'beginner friendly'. Games involving medium amount of strategy, that did not go on for hours. Party games, and games for couples. The lady behind the counter was very helpful in suggesting and recommending games according to my 'specific' requirements.
I picked up 'Gloom'. Only because the cover said 'The sky is grey and the tea is cold, and there is a new tragedy around every corner'. And it didn't disappoint. Super fun game, (although I lost both times), but I think i'm getting better at the devious plotting. The artwork is fantastic, the cards are transparent which i thought was very cool.

I'll definitely be back here soon enough, to pick up even more wicked games.