Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Discovering Letterpress

So what have I been up to off late?
Super interesting 'computer- free' (can you believe that) course on Typography. Totally digging the assignments which involve a lot of cut-pasting, photography... and never thought I would get to work on one- A letterpress!

I realise I had lost the joy in small things..for example choosing a font for a project, was the biggest bore and a chore! But now I'm looking forward with experimenting and being more aware of a font I decide to use. The hands-on craft DIY approach is how teaching art should have always been.

Meeting and learning from teachers who are experts in the field, who know what they are doing. I missed this in India. I would really love to do a longer course here at Central Saint Martins. (if only it didn't cost the earth!)