Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Owlthulhu

East London: Shoreditch and Bricklane are some places fromm where I derive my greatest inspirations. The street art- the best in London is so fresh, current and deliciously bizarre. It's ever- changing, and in every visit I see new work that didn't exist before.

One piece of work I absolutely couldn't get out of my mind, were the paintings of Alexis Diaz. The weird- steam-punk lovecraft-ian creatures are those you cannot 'unsee'

So I was super excited when I got an opportunity to design a logo for 'Bedlam & Boss', a designer boutique label.

My clients were Lorna and Kay- a creative couple who design eclectic furniture and furnishings. I rarely come across 'dream clients' , but both Lorna and Kay love 'weird and steampunk'

The idea was to create something that brought alive both their personalities:

Lorna: the wise half
Kay: the wild and crazy

So here goes.... My 'Owlthulhu'

works of Alexis Diaz in Bricklane