Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My Etsy Journey Part 4: New Prints New Places: The Conservatory at the Barbican

It's been quite a busy couple of months on Etsy. The sales have been steady, been getting a lot of appreciation and recognition. The sweetest surprise was when TimeOut contacted me for an interview and feature!

Bowie has been a best seller- no surprises there, but there is always that little extra thrill, when I get an order for one of the more unusual prints. Like the 'Kafka on the shore' or even The Barbican. Excited to know of other people getting excited about the same topics as me.

I have made some great friends on the way, signed my first prints, learnt so much about printing techniques. I discovered Giclee! The best part about I think is being able to connect with your customers in a very personal way. Having a chat or a conversation, and even get some useful insights like where they saw my work.... for example just the other day I got one of my biggest orders of three prints from a Londoner who saw my work on Instagram.... something that was posted over a month back. 

Here is my latest print. The Conservatory at the Barbican. Another one of those offbeat subjects to pick up, but that's what made it interesting.

Available at www.eyeforlondonprints.etsy.com

It's always sunny at the Barbican Conservatory. Such a happy place even in winters with people relaxing, sketching, practicing watercolours or just having a wander about with coffee. This illustration took me a good while to compose, but I absolutely love it. The abundance, the colours, the warmth.

It's amazing how the Barbican has so many surprises within. One of the most iconic examples of Brutal architecture. The conservatory wraps around the huge fly tower that supports scenery for the theatre beneath your feet, and while the concrete of the Barbican is still very evident, it adds to the overall effect.

It feels like a part of a dystopian movie set, where the plants have taken over the concrete! This is the capital's second biggest conservatory after Kew, and quite a hidden gem.