Friday, August 5, 2016

My Etsy Journey Part 7 - the new buzzword SEO

The last couple of months have been super duper busy. May was one of the good months for me, exceeding 30 orders. It inspired me to push harder, to put in more prints into the shop. I also started experimenting with printing on ceramic mugs, badges and fridge magnets. A fairly decent response so far.

I attended a London Local Sellers meetup. It was great to meet my Etsy peers, quite a few of them in a similar stage in their Etsy journey as me. A few months old, still grappling with marketing, promoting and the new buzz word SEO!

Although at the end of the day, it's the quality of the product that needs to stand out, but it could always use some SEO help. To let people know you exist in the first place, you need google to know you exist. A very useful tool called EtsyRank really helps in fixing all your tagging, seo and keyword issue up to an extent. I brought up my ranking from a low D and Es to healthy A and B.

It also shows how your listings pop up in Etsy searches. If it appears on page 1 (ideal) or comes up somewhere in page 10....completely useless. Even if you might have the best product, I doubt too many people have the patience to browse more more than 5 pages. Also keeping in mind that increasingly buyers are using their mobile phones to browse, and it can get quite cumbersome after a couple of pages.

I realised it's very important to pay attention to descriptions. Google hates generic copy paste, so I try and make sure that every listing has a different story. Also makes for interesting reading for any buyer. Another good tool is 'Google Keyword'. It shows you the trending and popular keywords that people search while looking for a particular kind of product. So make sure all your 13 keywords on Etsy are optimised and not wasted.

Here are some of my latest prints up on the shop.