Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A good day for Good Earth

Cloudy Sunday morning, a very fine day for a big splurge in the city. After holding on to our Good Earth gift vouchers for more than a month now, we decided it was time to make that trip downtown to get some of their ‘to- die- for’ accessories. I was almost expecting to bring back a bag full of ‘seven -grand- worth’ goodies, instead all we got was a measly two and a half items for the house. I wasn’t totally disappointed either, was pretty happy with the stuff we got, they look expensive (most important) and they go with the rest of the decor in the house (expensive looking too!). Also fulfilled my desire to at least once go to a super expensive store and shop guilt-free.

Good Earth- Located in Raghuvanshi mills, in the heart of Lower Parel, it boasts a sprawling two floor expanse of elite home furnishing, accessories and a cafe. I wouldn’t say every item is worth it’s value, but there are few pieces that are unique and price worthy. Our first pick was a white stone bathroom set comprising of a soap dish- toothbrush stand- soap dispenser, mellow and modest compliments beautifully with the bold aqua tiles in our master bathroom. We also saw a square flat light wicker tray we really liked to go on the shelf for the same room.

Our master bath

Going along with my present aqua- craze, our next buy was a six bowl stone ceramic soup set, lending an earthy touch to an otherwise sleek steel and brown kitchen. I'm looking forward to inaugurate them delicious bowls with gleaming rich tomato soup on one of these mumbai monsoon days. A spot of color on grey n' gloomy afternoons ought to cheer one up. Nothing noteworthy in the glassware section, we were looking to pick up a set of whiskey glasses, but all quite tacky. Instead got a cutesy round glass wine bottle with a stopper.

Wrapping up downstairs, we made our way to the first floor through deep purple and blue texture walls that lead us to the home furnishing section, which honestly was quite a let down. The furniture is boring and uninspiring, while the prices went up to multiple lacs. Not that I was looking to buy any more furniture, so we moved on to the smaller knick knacks- pillow covers, cushions, table cloths- which again I thought were too 'fab india' like, just thrice the cost. I was looking to spot some India- inspired kistchy prints, not something one could as easily find in a local handloom house. But nevertheless, I did find something quite interesting, so wasting no time picked it up. It's a three foot long raw silk turquoise cushion with black graphic print on one side and mirror work on the other end. It seemed one- of- a kind, and I figured this thin long cushion alone would be enough for the living room couch, instead of crowding it with many small square cushions, which is quite common. It went well on our bed as well. Glad i found this!

Our bedroom

With our kitty almost exhausted, it was time to stopover at the cafe for a quick bite. It's called the good earth 'verandah'... and i absolutely love it. The old warehouse feel, the high ceilings, the worn out- peeling off wall surfaces, the vintage prints and paintings, long paper shades flanking the columns... and an enormous enormous wine rack on the wall behind the counter. The menu was extensive- from light eats like sandwiches and muffins to pasta, an extensive wine selection and to my husband's delight 'cream cheese bagels'! I haven't seen too many places selling bagels in the city, so this was a welcome surprise. They have a variety of cheese and bread for sale as well, from greek feta to sour blue cheese and breakfast rolls. So a fulfilling toasted tomato- mozzarella bagel and lemon ice tea later, it was time to bid goodbye to good earth...scouting for candles to finish off some leftover balance off the vouchers. Four coconut shell scented candles fit the budget, and we were on our way, shopping- happy- tummy -happy back home.

Bottomline: Head to Good Earth only if you're in a mood to splurge or have a bunch of vouchers to exhaust.....or if you're super rich of course. On the other hand I give a big thumbs up to the cafe. The ambience is plesant, food's great and moderately priced, nestled within the store...quaint and quiet seeming far far away from the noisy madness of Parel.