Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Junk to Thunk!

I read about these guys the other day, and the work they are doing seemed super interesting, so wanted to share it. Who would have thought that all the empty Lays bags, milk tetrapaks and all the plastic junk that overflows from my bin everyday can be put of such good creative use.

A pet project started by Suren Vikash has now grown to become Thunk In India, a company that converts waste to utility items and has designed the products which have lasting value and life in spite of being produced from waste. The young entrepreneur has also helped generate employment for many.. Suren has made biodegradable bags, mobile pouches, laptop and CD covers, pens from waste and these products have caught the imagination of environment conscious.

cd cases


hand bags

Rag-pickers form part of his team collecting waste from different places, including Bengaluru and Tirupur and pass it on to Suren’s company which then works on creating the products. The rag-pickers are taught to segregate and create the products which are competitively priced and some companies, including IT, have found them very useful. The company has a weaving centre in Pollachi where plastic wastes are woven with cotton yarn for products.

To know more about this company, to collaborate and contribute or transform your organization to 'zero-waste', do check out their website-