Friday, November 6, 2009

Kala Ghoda

Last weekend, we made a trip down to South Bombay to the much- hyped Kala Ghoda festival. It's a street festival where you bump into some of the most vibrant and colorful people in the city. To rich Colaba aunties, to the long haired arty- fatry types, to the young hippies and college crowd, it's that part of the old city which oozes charm and character, with an interesting mix of buildings, some art- deco, and others old British style stone and brick. A leisurely stroll down the area is a perfect way to spend a pleasant Sunday evening.

vintage bombay

First started in 1999, the Kala Ghoda street festival has risen in popularity over the years, and attracts a good crowd from all over the city. Apart from the regular stalls selling knick knacks, there are various sub-festivals that feature the visual arts, dance, music, street plays, cinema, lectures, giant installations, workshops and special events for children.

It's a fun evening with plenty to drink, plenty to eat... if you fancy hot samosas and chai at the roadside cafes eateries or colorful ice golas in a cup. Soak in the humid air, the festive spirit and sweet melodies a flute, but don't forget to carry your pocket camera, cos this event lends itself to a lot of interesting 'photo-ops'...
...and if you want to end your evening at even higher spirits... hop across to good old Mondys for some Belgian beer and light happy music. Cheers!
Cafe Mondegar