Friday, July 8, 2011


On route Delhi- Dharamshala, we decided to stop at Nalagarh for a day. A short detour from the main town square to the top of a hillock, and maneuvering through some rather narrow winding roads, we got to the Nalagarh Fort.

At first glance, Nalagarh looks like any other dilapidated large fortress, but we walked in only to be charmed by it's beautiful expansive rooms, furniture and paintings from another era, and a massive terrace verandah offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the city to the Shivalik hills.

The fort at a glance

Our room the inviting poolI loved the combination of blues and whites, reminds me a lot of the houses in Greece. In some parts it really did look like blue icing on a white meringue cake.

The perfect evening- Chai and chat on the verandah

Nalagarh is the perfect weekend getaway from Delhi or Chandigarh. (It's just about 60 kms from Chandigarh). If you are in a mood to do something more than just laze around, they organize nature treks, boating at the Bhakra dam reservoir, visit to the Mughal gardens in Pinjore, and guided tours to the local handicraft institutes, village industries and local havelis. As for me, I would rather indulge myself in a 'kerala style' massage at the spa.

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