Thursday, March 12, 2009


I turn around to see him working on his new monster. Round -green -one -eyed, purple with yellow spokes, or a little black time bomb. Hobby? Passion? or obsession? It's definitely working for super talented Carl Savio, who has taken play- doh clay to a whole new level. His little clay heads have become the hot topic of discussion around us.

So how did it all start ? "Boredom. Timepass in office between briefs...."
Atleast one of us have put all that disposable time at work to good use! Oh and naming these dolls can be as fun as making them. Don't miss Carl's 'Mylapore maami' or 'Adam bomb' and 'WTF'

"Mylapore Maami""Adam Bomb""WTF?!"

And the best part is, he makes it look so simple. You need is a ping pong ball, some tub of clay and your quirky head. Inspiration and ideas are all dyou...your everyday dabbawala to your pet fishes. So start colortripping on a lazy Sunday, or on a long bus journey back home, or under your table at one of those boring endless board meetings. And you might just surprise yourself with all the new heads you create!

There's more colortrippin' on Carl's website