Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pet project

I like collecting bottles. I have a few green wine bottles, which have now become home to long slender money plants with pretty pale green leaves. A starbucks frappuccino one on my desk, which reminds me of those old little milk bottles we used to get many years ago. I have always wanted to paint bottles. So i finally looked it up, to get inspired, to get ideas, and probably book a Sunday for this. ( because my otherwise busy sundays are spent watching Friends Seinfeld re-runs)
Well, what do you know...with a little paint, a few magical brushes, and a hint of imagination... here's what you can get.

This one's just black permanent marker on a plastic pet bottle painted white. So stark, so graphic, so simple. In fact it would a lot easier if you made your design in a sheet of bond paper or butter sheet and traced it onto the circumference of the bottle before inking.
Here's a happy blue and red couple I fished out from Flickr. You can use almost any kind of glass paint for your bottle depending on the kind of texture you seek. Pebeo is a very popular brand and can be found in most craft and art stores. Also always use gloss exterior varnish to protect the paint.

Hopefully after getting all excited and inspired, I will pick up that bottle of wine from my window and paint myself a bright blue sky and a bright yellow sunflower, and a sweet little message to myself in it.