Friday, March 6, 2009


There is nothing called waste in Nature,
Everything has its creative role.
Everything can be living & beautiful,
As Tsunamika is...

I stumbled upon this page few days back and it caught my interest. Tsunamika is a Tsunami related project of Auroville, Pondicherry. This project is conceived and executed by Upasana design studio of Auroville in the seaside villages of Auroville's bioregion. Nearly 480 fisherwomen from 6 villages are trained and from them around 180 ladies are now creating these little dolls called Tsunamika.
She has been hand-made from fabrics left over from other creative works in Upasana. The project team, who trained the ladies, now supplies them with raw materials to continue producing the dolls. All dolls produced are bought from them in bulk and are worldwide by Upasana.

These dolls comes to you unconditionally. There is no price tag as they are gifts for you and the ones you love. I think this is a brilliant initiative..spreading the message of love, hope and empowerment. A bright blue paper clip a lemon yellow pencil cap.. what joy they bring!

Meticulously crafted from bits and pieces of waste cloth by women whose lives has changed forever after the tsunami. They have a very sweet range of products from wall hangings to greeting cards to scribble on stickers and board games. To know more on how to get your own tsunamika doll, here are the links: