Thursday, March 13, 2014

Discovering Brick Lane

Far more exquisite than the well protected crown jewels are London's free treasures. Free for those , who want to discover. Walking through the alleys of Brick Lane, is your treasure hunt for the day. 

The most unpromising pathways lead you to a defunct parking garage or an empty lot, and there you stand, unprepared for what you're confronted with! No wall is forgotten, no walls are wasted. Brick Lane is an artist's canvas. 

Somehow they don't look like paintings on a wall. They look like people who belong, living, breathing, thriving. Citizens of a dystopian world? 

So in my excitement I uploaded a bunch of pictures on my Instagram. Just when I was wondering about the unknown artists behind these paintings, (and here's the thing I just love about social media) I had another Instagram user tag all the artists on the pictures I had posted.

Do check out the Instagram links, some of them even have the work in progress shots. I was pretty blown away.

By Otto Scade, a Chilean artist & architect from London

By churchofbestever

By Alexis Diaz, an artist from Puerto Rico

By Martin Ron-  Murales,

On my bus ride to work, I saw a lot of street art at Shoreditch. I also googled London wall tours. That would be an interesting trip. Looking to spot a few Banksy as well. Will plan it for another day!