Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Discovering pho!

I'm thrilled about moving to central London. From where we stay, Kings Cross and the Angel are about 10 minutes away. And so are the dozens and dozens of wonderful eating joints and pubs.

This Thursday we went to Pho. This little Vietnamese joint on Upper street is one of  Ram's favorite joints. Although I'm not into the south East Asian kind of cuisine (and being vegetarian none the less), but this bowl of pure flavour is to die for.

Mildly spiced but robust in flavours, four different kind of mushroom in a vegetable broth with vietnamese noodles, seasoned with coriander, red chilli and caramelised onions. The portions are huge, easily more than enough for two people, or in my case, parceling the leftover for the next day.

Vietnamese coffee reminds me of our good old South Indian filter coffee. The layer of luscious condensed milk at the bottom of the glass is pure heaven.

Needless to say, this is a joint I'm going be frequenting on a regular basis.