Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Discovering Candid Cafe

London is a coffee lovers paradise. Every other shop is a cafe or a patisserie, every street has a Starbucks (or two) And almost all of them are quite packed in the evenings. I guess the weather has everything to do with it. Sitting warm and snug, by the window watching the world go by. It's nice. Except when you're desperately looking for a place to sit, and no one seems to be in a hurry to getup and leave.

Ram is always on the lookout for a quiet place to write. Starbucks is still his favourite (apparently no one can beat their venti-coffee- frappuccino), but it does get quite busy on weekends. And by no means quiet. So the other day he told me about a new discovery. A tiny place called Candid Cafe. As the name suggests, it's tucked away in an alley behind the Angel tube station. It's in an old building, without the flashy name boards. You have climb two floors through a narrow stairway. So no surprise, it's never too crowded.

It's super cosy, informal, they have all kinds of stuff thrown around, books, candles, fairy lights, guitar. And what they call these days- 'shabby chic'. When messy becomes cool. An artist's haven. Another pre requisite, that also adds to the 'cool quotient'- wifi! Yes they have free wifi.

Ram has found his perfect spot, a quiet and cozy nook where he can write in peace, while I get touristy clicking pictures.